Online Visibility Management for art organizations

Art Aia – ValueYourSelf is a European-based online presence management company that offers services to art organizations to increase visibility directly on Google Search through content creation, online property optimization, Wikimedia projects and Google News publications. The goal is to generate a Google Knowledge graph that will return relevant information like activities, services, publications and events related to the organization.

What are the real benefits of having a good online presence for an art organization ?

– Having a Google Knowledge graph will impress people who look your name up on Google and you will gain credibility as an organization.
Google News will include articles about the activities of your organization so lots of people will read your stories.
– Optimizing your online presence will lead to increase followers, engagement, impressions, and site traffic.
– You will probably get more career opportunities since 75% of your potential clients will search your name online before contacting you.