In order to optimize your online presence we will follow these steps :

Defining your values and how would you like to express yourself online:

We would discuss with you your main values as an artist and organization by asking you what would you like to express about yourself on the web and, as Referral rock would say: “how to tell a compelling brand story“. We will audit your online properties to check your online presence and we will make a plan to reinforce and built your persona online.

-Social Media Management:

We will update your social media profiles and create new (up to 4 key profiles) keeping these active by sharing your written content on a weekly basis.

-Content Creation:

We will maintain authority on your properties by posting each month news and content with the specific goal of increasing visibility among your target audience.We will also write blog posts each month focusing on your activities.

-Google News:

We will create an In-depth interview per month with updated information that will be visible on Google News.

-Wikimedia project :

If you are eligible* we will write an article on Wikipedia about you or your company so you will gain credibility within your target group.

* You can take a look at Wikipedia guidelines for inclusion here.

-Google Knowledge graph:

Search engines will find your online properties (website, social media, platforms profiles, articles on Google News) and rank your keywords high in search results so that the algorithm will eventually automatically generate a Knowledge panel that will present all the main information about you in an info box next to the search results. We will then send references suggestions to Google that have a better chance to appear on Search.